12 September 2006

Slipping From Neoconservative Philosophy to Neoconservative Faith

History will judge ….

What do you do when you demand more accountability in government and then your own government policies lead to a series of mistakes? You shift accountability out to a point in time when you are dead and gone. Pretty slick, if you can get away with it.

But what this really illustrates is that Condi, Dick, Donald, and George have slipped from the world of philosophy to faith. They no longer make assertions based on their neoconservative philosophy. Rather, they make assertions based on the neoconservative faith. “History will judge,” has become the equivalent of “God will judge.” And in this they move from bad philosophy to bad religion, for only bad religions ignore the consequences (whether they be called spirits or fruits) harvested in this lifetime and instead defer all judgment to a spiritual afterlife.

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anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

Interesting. I have just been musing about the GOP revolt in the Senate against The Shrub's tribunals...now that their own party is finding fault (gasp!) with one of his policies, will the ordinary Shrub faithful stubbornly defend him? Are they Shrub-lovers first or neocons or Republicans first? Have they considered that the paths could, conceivably, diverge? Hmmm. If philosophy has morphed into faith, would it be infidelity not to stay firmly planted with the shrubbery?