01 August 2010

Women Priest Wandering Around Right Here in San Diego

Few people know that the Bible is full of transcription errors. Christians don't believe it and non-Christians don't care, but through the centuries in which completing a copy of the Bible meant a monk's career was finally over, errors did get perpetuated.

Scholars can compare the earliest known copies of various books in the Bible to determine what changed. One curious thing that they've found is that Paul's very clear instruction for a woman to remain quiet in church (presumably the real basis for opposition to female priests) was inserted sometime in the 4th or 5th century. Earlier versions do not have this. The Church decided to silence women but they can't blame it - directly - on Paul.

Last month, the Catholic Church listed the ordination of females along with pedophilia as "grave crimes," revealing one possible reason that they've had such trouble cooperating with local police in past matters of priestly "misconduct." One would have to think that this would make pedophiles feel pretty good about themselves.

Yesterday, here in San Diego county, local Catholics ordained a female priest. Read about it here. And, excerpt:

Congregation ordains Catholic female pastor

Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community ordained a female pastor Saturday, risking excommunication despite assertions that it represents the true roots of Roman Catholicism.

Nancy Corran was ordained by roughly 150 parishioners rather than a bishop. The ceremony at a rented church in Serra Mesa hearkened back to ancient communities that called forth and ordained women, some religious scholars said.

Associate Pastor the Rev. Rod Stephens opened the evening with a warning: Any woman attempting to be ordained, or anyone who ordains a woman is automatically excommunicated. “Right on!” one woman cried out.

The ordination of Corran, 37, dramatically revealed the state of moral disorder in the Vatican, Pastor Rev. Jane Via said.

“Tonight, we claim the priesthood of believers for all the baptized,” said Via, the county’s first female priest. “We claim the ability and authority to govern ourselves on behalf of the whole church.”

No matter how badly your week has gone, you can take consolation in this: you were born onto a fascinating planet.

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Lifehiker said...

Having recently become closer to the Roman Catholic faith by working with them, I've got two observations. First, the priests are often more dominant than I expected them to be. Second, there are some very capable RC women being frozen out of leadership roles. Tradition! Sometimes it makes sense to just give it up.