12 April 2011

The Doldrums of the Donald Leading the Pack

Could any single stat do more to convey Republicans' dismal prospects in 2012 than the fact that Donald Trump leads in the polls? Your chances can't be particularly serious when your leading candidate is not particularly serious.

Personally, I think that even though Donald is not smart enough to be president, he is smart enough to realize that  there is no way to buy the kind of publicity he'll get by toying with the idea of running for president. He may not know what the country needs but he does seem to know what the media needs. 

Donald Trump is, as a candidate, the opposite of Ron Paul. Paul has created and popularized a set of policies that have little to do with the real world; Trump has created and popularized a personal image that has little to do with the real world. 

Donald challenges Obama's proof that he was born in the US. This strikes me as a serious issue. About as serious as Donald's failure to provide any certificates proving that that is really his hair.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Texas, Kinky Friedman ran a joke campaign for governor and siphoned enough votes away from the Democrats that the Republicans won a plurality. He made a lot of money personally, but now we're stuck with four more years of ineptitude.

That's what I'm afraid of with Donald Trump. He won't win, but he might siphon votes away from a better choice.