01 September 2011

Tweets from August '11

The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization is now available in paperback at http://bit.ly/pC9E8q.

Apparently I'm getting too much teeth whitening agent. It's starting to affect my hair.

Systems Thinking in Kuala Lumpur in mid-September.http://bit.ly/nvl098 See you there.

Must be weird to be a politician. You have simultaneously proclaim that this is the best country ever and that we're all doomed.

Like white men dancing, House Republicans voted for huge deficits during expansion now voting for balanced budget during recession. Timing?

Seems like there's an overlooked market for 3-D tattoos

There is, she said, far too much emphasis on the ability to make love and not nearly enough on the ability to repair it.

Traditional newspaper subscriber is worth $1,000 / yr. Online subscriber is worth only $3. Any wonder newspapers are hurting?

Idea for revenue enhancement for online news: bad news free, good news costs extra. (Pay more for news but less for meds.)

It had been a great deal, sure. But still he should have known better than to buy a game console with a misery stick.

Your credit rating's bad. Collateral?" "Hmm." Searches pockets. Pulls out a fistful of odd objects. "Yellowstone Park, aircraft carrier..."

RT Bill Gross: By the end of 1993, there were 623 websites: http://j.mp/rlv2Zn Isn't that an amazing fact! Fill in the blank. What did we do without?

Economist: will credit downgrade force Congress to admit idiocy of brinkmanship rather than compromise? http://econ.st/oj4ghL

Chula Vista has voted for well dressed illiterates rather than well read nudists. Borders book store has become TJ Maxx clothing store.

Tea-Brained: someone not only lacking judgment about economics but the judgment to realize this should preclude them from influence over it.

S&P downgrades government bonds, triggering a massive sell off of stocks and flight into .... government bonds. @im_allen_warren

Gay activists want Bert & Ernie to marry. How could anyone manipulate puppets like that?

Now that they've fixed the economy, tea party members have a new demand: they would like - even once - to be invited to an actual tea party.

His religion was fortune cookiarian. He religiously ate Chinese food and used the fortune cookie message for that week's inspiration.

Building on the popularity of fantasy football, I'm thinking about starting a daydreaming league.

What if Bachmann's campaign was launched by activists just trying to make Palin look credible and even they never assumed she might win?

Panic! Panic! Things are bad and getting worse! (Just wanted to make the point that a tweet can do everything a 24/7 news source can.)

Here in Vancouver, BC the housing market is a bit different than California's. House recently sold for $355k MORE than original asking price.

Turns out that Shakespeare was not even written by Shakespeare but by another man with the same name.

Wonder if I'm the only one who has ever searched for Yelp's potluck section.

Bachmann promises gas under $2. Given last dip below $2 was due to collapse in economy, economist thinks she can:http://econ.st/n4nZuj

Must be in Canada ... I could have sworn I was just greeted with a "Ron jour."

Business idea: the booty free disco. Could be a chain of them at every border crossing.

AOL is worth ~$1B. Google is worth ~$160B. AOL costs $9/mo. Gmail free. Free is worth more? No wonder they call them socialist networks.

Steve's retirement puts a new slant on the question, "how do we create more Jobs?"

Now we learn if Jobs was just one of the most extraordinary business leaders of all time or whether he was also good at company design

"The next hot cuisine? Really? Well how do you make Chinese comfort food?" "Just melt cheese on everything." "Oh."

In '86, Steve Jobs bought Pixar from Lucas for $10M. In 2006, he sold it to Disney for $7.4B, becoming Disney's largest shareholder.

People thought it was cute that she'd learned to say "bye-bye" so young, not realizing she was actually asking to shop.

The magic app for students: the upgrade your grade app.

Idea for t-shirt that comes with free redneck: ONE WORLD. So really, there just isn't enough room for you and your kind here.

Subway here in San Diego still not operational.

You could tell the car had been made in Detroit because the blinker had a distinctly Motown rhythm to it.

The kind of girls who had given names to their fat cells

Ta da!! The Fourth Economy http://amzn.to/o6dKRU should show up as available in print edition any day now!

Csikszentmihalyi’s Evolving Self - most overlooked of #BestBooks

Just a coincidence that typical "reign" of alpha chimp (4-6 yrs) is same as most presidential / PM terms?

It seems terribly generous of the book industry to categorize a four year old's account of his trip to heaven and back as nonfiction.

Well that's one way to quiet all the politicians: make them wait until the opposing party says they can talk. http://bbc.in/pqSuey Baffling.

He was still hurt by her seemingly premature attempt to put him in a rest home after he'd twisted his ankle in his early forties.

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