01 October 2011

September 2011 Tweets

The original Hawaiian shirt was actually just a tan and a sleeve tattoo.

It would probably be helpful if we had at least one growth industry other than disaster recovery. Here comes another big storm.

Fittingly, it was the only line of dialogue needed: "Stranger, you're about as welcome here as dialogue in an action movie."

Another month in which government officials express surprise at a jobs report reporting layoffs in government sector

When things go retro, I'm ready, already starting to transcribe popular YouTube videos into flip books.

One more vote for embodied cognition: sometimes a hug helps you to think better.
T-shirt idea. California Surfers - Give us a Break.

Bob Dylan quoting some old soul singer, “Money may not be the key to happiness but with enough money you can get a key made.”

Labor Day is a capital idea.

San Francisco is planning to crack down on sudden surge in nudists, debating a law that would .... require them to carry towels.

So, they closed Southern California. That would be more amusing if I wasn't trying to fly home to San Diego this evening.

Isabelle Allende, "Writing a book is like falling in love with the wrong lover." She might be talking about an abusive relationship.

Entitlement thinking. Pay into social security, think you're entitled to retirement. Pay mortgage, think you're entitled to own a home.

Ah. I love San Diego best.

B&N has a Teen Paranormal Romance Section. Isn't that redundant?

10 years ago marked the last day of American exceptionalism - the last day to believe violent tragedy only happened "over there."

Adult books, the sign says. You would think that meant no picture books.

e-autistic: someone socially unresponsive due to disinterest or dysfunction when it comes to emails, voice mails, or texts.

Well, one can only hope after last week's blackout that San Diego officials have decided on a kinder, gentler "go green" approach.

So what does it say about men that they merely like love stories?

Perry clarified that he cannot be bought for $5,000. A bidding frenzy ensued by lobbyists eager to determine just what the amount is.

Sane candidates who fight for real people still exist. Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate. http://bit.ly/oxOs9n

To my great amusement and delight, Thomas starts a meme with my book: http://bit.ly/oNAkKt

They money we spend on health care is no match for the money spent on health apathy.

Last week power outage across county. Yesterday border closed due to structural collapse. Xenophobic vandal at work in San Diego?

Think that @im_allen_warren should found first pro football marching band.

Confucius was asked if 1 word could serve as prescription for all of one's life. After a lengthy pause he said, "reciprocity."

Biz idea: sell air guitars. Cost is ZERO plus it is a product that can be sold and downloaded online.

Celebrating the dyslexic's QuinceaƱera today.

Stimulus? What about the ATM random enhancement program that occasionally supplements someone's withdrawal by $20 .... or $20,000.

Farm Ville employs 2,000. Hmm. So you can create real jobs providing people the virtual experience of having a job.http://bit.ly/qgg6Mp

"Exit stage left, pursued by a bear." - William Shakespeare

For a quick inventory of your ignorance, just try to explain or teach.

Don't ask, don't tell ended today. That's terrible. W/o those options, how are soldiers supposed to initiate conversations? Gunfire?

Generally, the more we understand a person or situation, the more accepting we are. Now if you could just get people to understand that.

4 of the last 5 presidents (Reagan, Bush1, Clinton & Obama) were left-handed. We most trust someone who is like looking in a mirror?

REM announces split. From now, they will be referred to as R E M.

Wonder how long before email has a "like" button to acknowledge receipt and agreement w/o response. The digital nod of head.

Tonight's GOP debate would be enhanced with fact checkers and a dunk tank. 3rd lie or distortion and you go in.

At stacked for lunch. Order off iPad is cool. Calling appetizers apps in that context is just confusing.

RT @TheTweetOfGod: The Inuit have over 50 words for "visiting ethnolinguist."

I was pretty excited by Herb Cain's "Chilean model" suggestion for retirement until I realized that I had google image search on.

Undergraduate admission rate at Harvard: 6.2%. Rate at which applicants were hired on McDonald's National Hiring Day: 6.2%.

Overheard yesterday: "I'm on facebook all the time and I still don't have a clue what's going on."

If Ron Paul is president, he'll deregulate baseball. Call it brawlball. 1st move - layoff all the umps.

Fluent? He spoke French like Marcel Marceau.

Appalled that only 50% of college teams won today, legislators passed a "no team left behind" bill requiring that rise to 90% by 2020

Still working out kinks on world's fastest drive thru window. Pay swipe works but food and drink handoff at 55 mph still problematic.

Perry, like Fred Thompson in '08, is another in a series of candidates wooed then rejected. GOP the political equivalent of man-eater?

I think I'll open a Ronberto's.

We've always had something faster than the speed of light. It's called imagination.

Google's 13th birthday today. This is worrisome. First it'll pretend to know everything and then it won't talk to us.

RT @JohnFugelsang: Hi, it's Michele Bachmann, is Sen Lieberman in?- No he's not, this is Rosh Hashanah. -OK, Mr. Hashanah can I leave a msg?

RT @TheOnion: [audio] Typo Results In 10,000 Acre Wyoming Skate Park http://onion.com/ocvuZ7

We don’t know enough about the future to ever know how much impact one life can have.

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.

As Facebook becomes its own medium, how long before a secondary market emerges to provide fictional friends to entertain us?

Not convinced that we need a more entrepreneurial economy? Since 2000, work force has grown by 28 million but jobs by only 400,000.

A band with this name wouldn't even have to be that good to be really good: TV on the Radiohead.

Republicans think that Chris Christie should run. I don't know. Even biking or aerobics would probably help.

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