08 December 2011

November '11 Tweets

As part of trend towards ever-younger billionaires, I predict some 9 yr old will launch a new market that lets kids trade excess candy.

7 billion people. Now is it time to colonize space?

First I've noticed that the word "harm" is smack in the middle of pharmacy.

Unlike paintings, music, books & films, vid games R co-created by audience. 1st gen of gamers not likely to accept the way things R. #OWS

It took centuries before we coupled luggage and wheels into one product. Another century before we put wings on luggage and packages?

"Young men sleep with their dreams and old men sleep with their conscience. " - John Prine

Why couldn't we tax each hour of the week by 20-some seconds in order to save up for an extra hour every weekend?

Biz idea for group with heavily discounted rates on travel - quadruple A.

Now that Michael Jackson's doctor was found guilty, we need to find someone to hold responsible for Elvis's death.

The ratio of love songs to songs about teleconferences seems wildly disproportionate to actual experience.

You have two choices: make a choice or don't make a choice. Wait. Maybe that means you have no choice. About having to choose, I mean.

Always an interesting day when the weather forecast includes mention of an asteroid. http://bit.ly/vD67Ix

My latest biz idea: not dot.com or dot.om but dot.amish The webiste domain for folks without electricity.

RT @sacca: Dance like no one's watching. Sing like no one's listening. Tweet like no algorithm is coldly deciding your social worth.

Have to appreciate the obvious thought Rick Perry put into considering consequences of eliminating the dept. of .... uh ... um ...

11/11/11 = tres once, which is much bigger than dos xx's. Forget about cosmic consciousness - stay alert for drunk drivers.

11-11-11. Or as the turkeys refer to it, "the last days."

Who had the authority to give out the first PhD? They obviously didn't have one.

Call of Duty sold $400 million in 1st 24 hrs. Key to its success is getting to compete w/ Russians who have only dial-up.http://n.pr/tiLHTE

Time to modify Warhol's prediction "everyone will be famous for 15 mins" to, "in the GOP, everyone will be a front-runner for 15 mins."

Focus on competition, grades, ranking, and status are all substitutes for a focus on meaningful personal goals

If only Bloomberg could have ended occupy Iraq as quickly as he ended occupy Wall St. #OWS.

"companies today are 3X more likely to get to $250K in revenue during an 18 month period than they were 6 years ago"http://bit.ly/vvsOCW

Curiously, it did not seem as though all the human beings were being human.

New Muppet movie is PG. Not for content. Because theater owners terrified at thought of mobs of unsupervised 6 yr old puppet groupies.

Neutrinos travel faster than light. You know what that means? Once I build my neutrino-mobile I can time travel.http://bit.ly/tw3TQp

He thought a country falls into a recession whenever a generation whose favorite subject was recess grows up to run the economy.

Cashier at grocery store asked me, "Is that to go?"

So old that I can remember when you could read the entire World Wide Web on a long weekend.

"TV Survey" call just came in. Tired of being ignored, I hollered, "More sex! More violence!" Glad to finally be making a difference.

Deficit a huge non-issue. W/ unemployment at 9%, it's dumb to raise taxes or cut spending now & Congress can't commit future Congresses.

Instead of Longhorns my university mascot will be Unicorns. Like an army of one - Autodidact U.

Did they really think they could distract us from the fact that we still don't have personal robots or flying cars with four-blade razors?

Eventually it dawned on me that the flashing red light was not going to change.

Seen: I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

Ah, Thanksgiving - the one day during the year when Americans eat to excess.

Can't really work out the Macy's Day Parade. It's a series of ads for float sponsors ... and still they break for commercials?

Rolled out of bed (a term redefined post-feasting) so thankful that we don't have to be so thankful today.

Fascinating how whether the market falls or rises, they're able to provide a perfectly plausible reason.

Has anyone calculated how much in the way of jobs and GDP California - w/ its music, movies, and software industries - has lost to piracy?

Tom was in a very heavy metal band. He played percussion. Jack hammer, to be specific.

Just bought Greek yogurt, doing my bit to help out that poor country. Social activist with active culture.

Saw shockingly large numbers at ice cream shop last night. They must have been suffering post-Thanksgiving weekend caloric withdrawals.

In a few generations kids will sing nursery rhymes w/ nonsensical terms like "cyber Monday" "black Friday" and "terabyte Tuesday."

And what if people simply grew tired of the recession and began acting normal? Consumer confidence up 15 ptshttp://reut.rs/unuf79

Product idea to help with job-related stress: little wine boxes about the size of juice boxes for lunch or break.

Record levels of wealth disparity might just be a natural consequence of record levels of market volatility.

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