19 October 2012

Cody and Ron Have a Conversation About an Entrepreneurial Economy

Listen to the interview here.

Cody McKibben is a metaprenuer, a term that deserves explanation.

Cody's generation - the group that's hit the job  market in the last decade - have had to be creative. From 2000 to 2009, the American economy created --- oops -- I mean destroyed an average of 120,000 jobs a year. Fortunately, this generation failed by old strategies is demonstrating an ability to create new ones. Cody's solution was not just to become an entrepreneur. After working for the Dean of the Business School, he evolved into a position helping entrepreneurs, hence the designation of metapreneur (one who creates entrepreneurs who, in turn, create businesses). 

Cody has moved from Northern California to Asia and has founded the Digital Nomad Academy and sometimes collaborates with Dan Andrews at Tropical MBA to inspire, educate, and coach a growing group of current and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

This week Cody invited me to join him in a conversation about my book, The Fourth Economy. If you'd like to hear the conversation about what a new economy will mean for education, corporations, and our ideas about who we are and who we can be, you can listen in on our conversation here.

(This is the table referred to during our conversation.)

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