11 January 2014

With 120 Law Enforcement Shows, Why Not Even One Law Creation Show?

Channel surfing in a hotel with below zero weather outside, it boggled my mind how many detective, cop, and prosecutor shows are on. Law enforcement is its own genre, more popular it seems than sitcoms or romances.

But of course the law gets defined by someone else, not by cops or prosecutors. You go to jail longer for possession of crack than cocaine? That's because legislators decided that the drug of poor black women was more dangerous than the drug of rich white men, not because the drugs are particularly different. Why is the argument and the machinations behind that law - and dozens of other laws - not the subject of a TV show? Wouldn't the personalities, the cultural biases, the at turns apathetic and angry public calling or writing be the fodder for a great number of interesting shows? And why not have some good guy legislators who - like the sheriff in a small western town bringing order to chaos - ride into town and successfully change Congress? Cleans it up? Wouldn't that be a heart warming fantasy?

Law Creation seems so much more interesting than Law Enforcement. Laws on Order. I'd I'd stop channel surfing to watch that show.

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