11 February 2014

Marc Andreesen's 7 Leadership / Management Maxims

Marc Andreesen and a team at the University of Wisconsin had this crazy idea years ago to put a graphical interface on top of the Internet, enabling millions of people to use it. His idea sort of caught hold, which - at least for me - means that his ideas deserve consideration.

Today he sent out 7 powerfully succinct maxims, rules, principles .... tweets? In any case, whatever they're called, you'd do yourself a favor by taking a few minutes to read these now and then coming back to them a few more times over the next few months.

1 Vision--If "difference between vision & hallucination is others can see vision", then critical to articulate bright future w/clarity.

2 Scrappiness--tough challenges call for resourcefulness, pragmatism, staying close to ground, in the details, all over opportunities.

3 Experimentation--May not have all the right answers up front, but running many experiments changes arguments to tests, data, correctness.

4 Adaptability--"Would you rather be right or successful?" top of mind at all times--the times change, we change--strong views weakly held.

5 Focus--As we gain clarity from experiments & adaptation, then we focus on small # of ultra-clear goals; all wood/arrows; all hands/deck.

6 Deferral of gratification--stomach (and resources!) to reject near-term rewards for enduring success; in journalism=refuse race to bottom.

7 Entrepreneurial mindset--both in new co & existing co--we own the company; we make the business; we control our future; it's on us.

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