16 March 2014

The Best Irish Music You'll Hear All St. Patrick's Day

Years ago I briefly hosted a "Celtic Folk for Celtic Folk and Other Folk" Show. On the basis of that and an enduring fondness for the emotionally expressive music of Ireland, I'm going to offer you a few wonderful Irish songs.

First this classic from the Bothy Band, sort of a late 70s super group of Celtic musicians.

Two members of that band, Kevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, perform a song in English, a sad ballad about an expedition lost at the pole.

For a couple of newer bands, here's one of Toronto that reminds us that anything rock guitarists did with tone and rhythm had already been done centuries earlier by guys playing bag pipes.

And then just a ridiculously beautiful song by a modern super group is this number from The Gloaming.

Then the Pogues, who remind us that these Celtic folk musicians grew up down the street from the Sex Pistols and other punk rockers.

This, a heart breaking love song from a contemporary singer / songwriter who may still perform music better than this instant classic.

Finally, Van Morrison. And in this song he reminds us of the romantic poets who first defined the lifestyle and occupation of those modern troubadours we call musicians and the rich literary tradition from which these Irish musicians can draw.

If you know of better Celtic music, I'd love to hear it. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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Anonymous said...

It's not really an "Irish" song, but it's by the Pogues: http://youtu.be/4o7O5pTQMAE

(BTW: Shane McGowan finally got his teeth fixed, and looks like a new man.)