24 April 2014

Jesus is Bored

As I commute to and from my current client, I drive under an overpass where a truck and trailer is parked with the message,
"Jesus is Lord."

I'd like to plant a truck at the next overpass with the message,
"Jesus is Bored. 
Just once you might do something wildly out of character, speak truth to power, commit an act of inexcusable generosity, or do something that terrifies you. Reward him for paying attention: be interesting."

Of course the fine print might be too much to absorb for someone already driving 65 mph while texting.


Anonymous said...

I liked this so much I reblogged it (with a link back to here, of course). If you'd rather I didn't, just drop me a line and I'll take it down.


Ron Davison said...

Hello Thomas!
Always happy to hear from you and to cross-pollinate with you.