10 July 2014

Happiness, Gaps Between the Rich and Poor, Confidence in Women Leaders and Other Comparisons Between the US and the World Cup Finalists

Perhaps the biggest difference between World Cup Finalists Argentina and Germany is in the gap between the rich and poor. Measuring it by the ratio of the top 10% to the bottom 10% of the population, Argentina's income inequality is double that of the US and Germany's is half.

This income inequality correlates with food insecurity. The US and Argentina leave  20% and  23% of their population feeling insecure about getting their next meal. By contrast, only 6% of Germans feel such insecurity.

Germany's per capita GDP is about triple Argentina's, but still less than the US.

Both Argentina and Germany report a higher percentage of their population is struggling. (49% of Argentinians and 45% of Germans, compared to 39% of Americans.)

In spite of struggling, the citizens of both World Cup finalists are more confident in their national government than are Americans. (Germans are nearly twice as confident).

Americans may have pioneered democracy but they seem to be looking in envy at the shinier, newer models in Europe and South America. Or perhaps citizens are just tired of men being in charge. The heads of state in Germany and Argentina are women.

And yet, for all that, Americans are happier than the citizens of either country, possibly suggesting that the US simply doesn't understand the importance of making it to the World Cup Finals.
[Many of these numbers were taken from Gallup.]

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