14 April 2015

How Those Wacky Social Conservatives Sound to Me

Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the Diesel engine
"That was never the intention of the founding fathers," some social conservative somewhere is saying right now.

That is such an odd thing to say. You can think that Henry Ford or Rudolf Diesel were geniuses without worrying once about what they intended for the automobile.

"GPS?!?!? That was never something Henry Ford intended for cars!"

History makes a better foundation for the future than ceiling. Unless you're afraid of so much open space.


Anonymous said...

Probably the Founding Fathers had to put up with a bunch of crabby old conservatives stamping their feet and saying things like, "This is NOT what King Henry had in mind when he founded these colonies!"

Ron Davison said...

Thomas - ha! I think you're right. And given Davisons left Massachusetts for Canada in 1776, I suspect my ancestors were in that group.