04 June 2015

Rick Perry's Country Rap (C-Rap) Campaign Song

Today Rick Perry announced he is running for president. As the field of dubious candidates grows, it is a reminder that not every child should be told he can grow up to be president.

Rick strolled out into the crowd of supporters to this song, which apparently will be his campaign song. It's sort of country, sort of rap so it's obviously been carefully crafted to appeal to a broad segment of voters. 

Here are the lyrics:

Rick Perry supporter, 
let's protect our border. 
To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA, 
Rick Perry all the way.
I won't back up, I don’t back down. 
I been raised up to stand my ground. 
Take my job, but not my gun. 
Tax my check till I ain't got none. '
Cept for the good lord up above, I answer to no one.
Give me my right to vote, my right to tote
The weapon of my choice, don't censor my voice.
Hate me if you want
Love me if you can
If the truth is what you want
Then you found your man

He does have great hair, though, doesn't he?

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