04 September 2015

Labor Day Weekend Special: Republican Candidates Come Out in Strong Support of Workers Tired of Being Told What To Do

Kim Davis is a county clerk in Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Republican candidates Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rand Paul have all said that they support her.

I like this. I'm glad to see Republicans coming around to the side of labor. We should do more to support any employee who is just tired of doing what their boss says she should do.

So I imagine one of them - Rubio? - will soon release a campaign ad that opens in a diner, the camera panning pass various impatient looking customers. It finally stops at a weary waitress sitting with her back to them.

"Oh yeah! Well I'm tired," says Iowa waitress Belinda Myers. "Those customers can just stand up and get their own damn coffee while I sit here for a bit."
"I'm going to fire you," retorted her boss Brian who - to be fair - was tired from his own long hours.
"I object," Marco Rubio jumped out of his booth to say. "I don't think that you should get in the way of her personal freedoms by making her do work she doesn't like."
"But it's her job," Brian retorted.
"That's not the point," says Rubio, turning to the cameras.
"It's not?"

And like that, Marco Rubio would sagely turn the Kim Davis situation from a partisan issue into something that would unify workers everywhere who are just tired of being told what to do.

I just hope that he gets his campaign ad out in time for Labor Day. If he does, I think this could tip the primary in his direction.


Anonymous said...

The bible clearly says "Judge Not," which I assume is enough to get me out of jury duty on religious grounds.

Ron Davison said...