31 January 2016

Susan B. Anthony and What History Reminds Us

Here's a picture of Susan B. Anthony from History in Pictures. After they beat her, they arrested and fined her for trying to vote in 1872.

 It seems to me this sort of thing should instill optimism and humility. Optimism about the future to know that we've come this far. Humility to realize that there are a number of things we're doing now that people in 150 years will likely find odd and horrifying.  We've come a long ways and we're not there yet.


Anonymous said...

As an aside: I've read a couple of biographies of Al Smith recently, and they touched on the issue of women's suffrage.

A lot of the opposition to it boiled down to one issue: prohibition. In general, men were against it and women were for it. The fear was that if women were allowed to vote, they'd use their power to enact laws banning alcohol.

Which they did.

Rob Ryan said...

I'm not sure that's exactly right.
Prohibition was the 18th amendment.
Women got the vote with the 19th amendment.

Ron Davison said...

Thomas - that is so fascinating. I had not heard that argument.

Rob - that fact just makes the argument against women seem sexist rather than based on women's concern that men would drink the kids' tuition money.

Still ....