20 March 2016

What Mitch McConnell is Really Thinking

It's hard to imagine what more Obama could have done to win over social conservatives than to have chosen a Supreme Court nominee from the 19th century. (In what other century would a couple name their newborn Merrick?)

And yet, Mitch McConnell has announced that Congress will take no action on Obama's Supreme Court appointment. This means that the Supreme Court will have only 8 members until after the next president is sworn into office.

From this simple fact we can conclude one of two things.Either the GOP Congress has had enough of democracy giving power to Americans they disagree with (that is, the Americans who decided that Obama ought to serve 8 years) or McConnell has a bet with someone that Trump will appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.

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Lifehiker said...

GOP is disfunctional to its rotten core. Perhaps they see the demographics make their cause hopeless before long, so McConnell is just expressing his bitterness about the impending irrelevance or, potentially, trying to ensure Trump's defeat by further poisoning the GOP brand. Senseless and un-democratic obstructionism.