02 August 2016

What if Trump is on the Most Amazing Betting Streak in History?

Couldn't a lot of this casino owner's campaign behavior be explained by a series of drunken double or nothing bets with other billionaires?

Trump: Ok. How about this? I get an argument with the pope about what it means to be a Christian and I go up in the polls.
Cuban (or Bloomberg or some other billionaire who will eventually have to come out against him): No way!
Trump: Double or nothing on the last bet I won when you said I'd be the first of 17 GOP candidates to drop out.
Ok. I got another. I say McCain isn't a war hero because he was captured.

I insult a gold star family and then remind the nation that I've made comparable sacrifices.

I ask the Russians to hack into and then release classified emails from the secretary of state.

Instead of kissing a baby on the campaign trail, I order it out of the room.

I insult the NY Times because they don't write good.

There may be more than a few billionaires who are already into negative territory from betting against the Donald.

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Bald Al said...

You're assuming Mr. Trump is being clever. I argue he's just being himself, where he believes everyone on the planet can't wait to hear what great words he utters next, or what great deeds he next performs. Mr. Trump truly believes all women love and want him, and that any man or woman who doesn't agree with him evidently must be stupid and ignorant.

What I found telling yesterday was Mr. Trump again raising the same issue he did prior to the GOP Convention where he previously stated there would be "Chaos in Cleveland", a setup to the potential of him somehow not being selected as the GOP Presidential candidate. What he said yesterday is "The system is rigged...People will be able to vote 10 times for the same candidate!", and he then followed up with what is becoming one of his signature lines, "I don't know...". What Mr. Trump is doing with this line of rhetoric is setting the table to deflect blame away from himself for losing the election, assuming Mrs. Clinton doesn't somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.