07 April 2017

Group Names for Birds ... and for People

My friend Norman shared with me some of these delightful group names for birds:

  • a charm of finches 
  • an exaltation of larks 
  • a murmuration of starlings 
  • an ostentation of peacocks 
  • a pitying of turtledoves 
  • an unkindness of ravens 
  • a wisp of snipe

It seems like someone should do something similar with group names for people. Something like this:

  • a bafflement of Republicans
  • an embarrassment of Republicans
  • an entanglement of Republicans
  • an electoral of Republicans
  • a morality of Republicans

Okay, so I didn't manage to diversify the groups of people like I'd planned. I'd initially considered  a cistern of plumbers, a retirement of seniors, a tyranny of toddlers and a fuse of electricians. I didn't get that far. I got stuck on Republicans.   I might be part of a perturbation of liberals. 

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