13 June 2020

The Summer of Baby Boomers and Presidents: Trump, Bush and Clinton born w/in 66 days of each other

Tomorrow - 14 June - is Donald Trump's birthday.

14 August 1945, Japan surrendered and 10 months later, Trump was born. Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were all born within 66 days, classic baby boomers.

When Bill was born, his father had recently died in a car accident and his mother was working as a hair dresser.

When George was born, his grandfather (who would become a US senator) was a partner at a prestigious bank and his father (who of course went on to become president) was a student at Yale.

Curiously, George and Bill's lives weren't as different as you might think. The house George W. Bush grew up in (in Midland, TX) was fourteen hundred square feet. Both Laura and Hillary wore off-the-rack dresses at their wedding to a future president.

The three baby boomers became president in reverse birth order: Clinton at 46, Bush at 54, and Trump at 70.

Obama, too, gets the designation of baby boomer even though he was born 15 years after Clinton (and at 47, was a year older than Clinton when he became president).

As of inauguration day 2021, baby boomers will have served as president for 28 years in a row, and 20 of those years by three men all born in the same summer.

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