31 August 2020

The Home Schooling Lesson that Could Last a Lifetime

This morning an unprecedented number of children are homeschooling. I'm dedicating one entire post to help.

First something fascinating.

Once the swift bird leaves the nest, it takes to flight for two to three years before again landing. It lives in the air like fish live in water, perpetually in the air.

It sleeps, eats, and mates on the wing and some of the sub-species can fly up to 100 mph and even the common swift flies up to 70 mph. Given they are always flying, they can put on two million kilometres in a lifetime, enough to fly to the moon five times.

Now something practical.

That's interesting (actually, I found it mind boggling but my mind may be easily boggled) but even better is to make your at-home students' homework the design of a drone that can stay airborne for 2 to 3 years. So, it's win-win. You tell your students one amazing fact and then give them a homework assignment that could easily keep them busy into their 20s. Just like that, your days are freed up and they are on the way to highly successful careers.

You're welcome.

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