15 September 2020

The Sharp Drop in the Number of High-Skilled Visas

Fun fact: the population of the US in 1790 was 3.9 million. Today it is 330 million. The reason not a single American from 1790 has a job today is because of the millions of immigrants who came to this country after 1790 and stole their jobs.

Most people don't know this but each country is allotted only so many jobs. That number is fixed. If you let too many new people into your country, native born people will not get one of those jobs. THE IMMIGRANT will take that job.

When the US was founded in 1787, the rich people who control the global economy did the calculations to determine how many jobs the US could have. That number has not changed in the 233 years since.
the eAnd here's the deal: if you're stupid enough to let in immigrants, they will just take some of those scarce jobs from you! Yes you! The American to whom that job should rightfully go.

So don't be a dupe and swallow all that nonsense about how regardless of whether your population is growing or shrinking by 10% a year what really determines the number of jobs you have is the levels of innovation and entrepreneurship - which in turn depends on investment in education, research, health, childcare, and levels of openness to other countries and cultures and nurturing a culture of experimentation and risk-taking. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that it is actually possible to increase levels of prosperity and employment at the same time that you grow your population through birthrates and immigration. Don't be naive. Learn from North Korea. There is a simple rule for prosperity: nobody leaves and nobody comes in.

In related news, there has been a sharp drop off in the number of people coming into the country with high-skilled visas. Source of graph is Axios

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Thomas B said...

Maybe the drop in visas is because people are working from home, and home might be on a different continent.