10 January 2007

The Punch Line for R World

The consensus coming out of the 20th century is that it is good and important to place a great deal of emphasis on technological invention and business entrepreneurship.

The consensus going into the 21st century should be that it is good and important to place an equivalent emphasis on social invention and social entrepreneurship.

Could anything be more fascinating than expecting social upgrades and innovation the way that we now expect technology upgrades and innovation?


Life Hiker said...

Fascinating, yes! Maybe using the internet to decentralize a lot of education right down to some early childhood stuff. If a kid wants to take 8th grade math on the internet on his own time, why not? Then he/she can use the daytime hour to take a hike, play some ball, or get some sleep, while avoiding having to listen to Miss Pissy explain quadrilateral equasions for the ninth time to Slow Joe. Freedom!

Ron Davison said...

This is definitely an example of what I'm writing about. Transforming education, business, government, finance ... all so that these insititute are forced to adapt to what it means to be human.

David said...

This sounds like a task for Steve Jobs. Wonder if Apple has the rights to iWorld?