31 January 2007

You Can't Kill Chickens in Texas

Newsweek reports that the cops of Euless, Texas stopped Jose Merced from killing a chicken on his property.

Like most towns of 46,000, Euless has the usual array of eateries: Wendy's and Burger King, a couple of McDonald's, and, inexplicably, 29 Domino Pizza joints. One doubts that the people of this small Texan town are squeamish about eating meat and has to wonder whether the red meat eating contingent of Texas law enforcement aren't making plans to do away with chicken restaurants now that they've shut down all the diners featuring quiche.

But Jose Merced is not killing the chicken to barbeque it. He was going to kill the chicken as part of a ritual sacrifice he was performing as a Santeria priest. The officials of this small town won't grant him a permit to perform this act not because they are desperate to protect the lives of chickens but because they don't like the idea that such a strange religious ritual could be performed in their town. Hm.

Euless, TX. Odd name. Rhymes with Clueless, doesn't it?


Tisha! said...

good thing i don't have chicken legs lol

i am so absent-minded sometimes, i have been meaning to as you if i may blogroll you?

Ron Davison said...

Tisha! You're a busy lady. I'd be happy to have you blogroll me (which almost sounds criminal - like young thugs rolling drunks and taking their wallets).