24 April 2007

The Green House

I've been contacted by three of the major presidential campaign headquarters (he lied, glibly, keeping the reference deliberately vague in order to build some modicum of credibility as he made this bold-faced lie), eager as they are to hear my next idea for a campaign promise they might make in order to win my vote. Here it is.

I'd find it charming if at least one candidate for president were to promise that, if elected, he or she would promptly begin construction of a replacement to the White House: the Green House. How exemplary would it be if our head of state lived in a home that was a model of energy efficiency and smart architecture? It could be a showcase for best practices and technology.

What happens to the White House? It is handed over to the people, turned into an open museum documenting the lives of our presidents. Perhaps nights in the Lincoln bedroom could be given away, lottery fashion, to folks filing 1040 forms each year, 365 lucky winners each year able to "sleep over" in the people's house.


Chrlane said...

Never mind the sleepovers. I'd want to check out the new technology. :) Would it have a greenhouse? I saw this cool prototype once that had warm air and oxygen being pumped from a greenhouse into it's living chambers. I totally get off on green technology.

exskindiver said...

i love your new picture!

exskindiver said...

ps. you know they did that in the philippines for a few years.
corazon aquino refused to live in the presidential palace that the marcoses occupied for 20 years. she turned it into a museum (which is why i got to see imelda's shoes) during her presidency.

Ron Davison said...

Yeah, I guess the sleepovers would lose some of their allure if the president was no longer snoring next door. I think people felt like they had greater influence over the country once they'd seen the president in his pajamas.

Thanks - I'm sure it amuses me more than it does Chavez and other forgotten South American people.
I remember when Corey was president - from across the Pacific she seemed pretty cool. Seemed like an upgrade in so many ways from Ferdinand.