26 April 2007

McCain's Cogent Argument for Troop Withdrawal

McCain argues eloquently for troop withdrawal and against nation building and leaving American troops in harm's way in defiance of the wishes of a majority of Americans. Curiously, he's making this argument about troops in Somalia in 1993. Perhaps he'll watch it and be inspired.


Anonymous said...


...from the "multi-lingual" candidate.

David said...

Well said. He was my candidate in 2000. McCain could have beaten Al Gore by a wide margin. The GOP was to blame for GWB's election and re-election. They will be to blame for Hillary's election also. Read Brooks today in the NYT.

Peter said...

I'll tell you what really pisses me off (both in this speech and in others by others): the emphasis placed on American lives.

That just bothers me no end.

Ron Davison said...

Indeed, if Hillary wins it'll be because she's overcome her vote for the war.

the what-if game is fun. What if Nixon had won in 1960 and been assassinated in 1963 and Kennedy had won in 1968? If McCain had won rather than GWB? I have to believe it would have been better.

a good point from a moral and practical standpoint. Do unto others is one part of it. The other is that showing a disregard for others only works as long as you don't need others.