03 August 2007

Bonds to Tie Hank Aaron this Weekend

Barry Bonds is here in San Diego for a three-game series. My prediction? He's going to tie and / or pass Hank Aaron this weekend.

It seems fairly certain that Bonds has used some kind of steroid, growth hormone, or substance to move from hero to superhero this late in his career. But there is one other possible explanation for his home run surge of the last five or six years.

Bonds has always done well against the San Diego Padres. In seasons when he'd hit, say, 43 home runs he would hit 13 of them against San Diego. For years he's feasted on the Padres. One explanation for his surge? Noticing this, his batting coach simply told him, "Imagine that they're all wearing Padres uniforms."


exskindiver said...

having just seen the movie the
Bourne Ultimatum and then now having read this--
I have come to the conclusion that Matt Damon's character must have been on steroids.
Thanks for clearing that up.
My faith in Hollywood remains intact.

Dave said...

You're one for one out of two on Bonds.

exskindiver said...

Paging Mr. Davison: you are wanted at
the skindiving booth.