22 August 2007

The Lie That's True

Attitude is everything. As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right." Your life is what you create in your own mind, in your own beliefs.

I think that the above is utter nonsense. I also think that people who are very successful believe this. So, this is a lie that is nonetheless continually made true. I'm not entirely sure whether that makes it a profound truth or the worst kind of lie.


Life Hiker said...

Confidence in your ability to accomplish a goal is an important component of actually getting the task done. This kind of confidence is developed over time as a result of previous learning experiences. That's why very successful people believe they can create their future - they've already grabbed the brass ring on many occasions.

Simply believing in yourself, as some of these hokey self-improvement programs recommend, is no substitute for education, experience, and the will to complete the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Will Rodgers who said, "The trouble with most self-made men is they made their head too big." They think they deserve more credit than they really do.

Hard work and persistence- especially persistence- is a necessary trait to succeed, but to make a fortune like Bill Gates or Henry Ford also requires being in the right place at the right time; i.e., luck.

exskindiver said...

i agree with those two up there.
there is another name for people that
'lie there way to reality'
they are called scam artists.

some successful people are after all scam artists with education in the form of experience or schooling--are persistent, fortunate and almost always personable.

its early in the am for me.
what do i know.

loved loved loved your comment btw.
mooning is after all, my forte.