21 February 2009

Did the Conservatives Win the Last Election?

President Obama on Saturday said his new stimulus bill would deliver the fastest and broadest tax cut ever and would usher in "the most sweeping economic recovery plan in history."

When conservatives win, they aren't eager to pass environmental protection legislation or pull out of wars to appease liberals. Yet when liberals win, the first thing they do is rush to enact the fastest tax cut?

Give Reagan credit. He seems to have made tax cuts a new requirement for any administration - conservative or liberal.

Now if we could just find a president who would make each administration as eager to avoid war as taxes ...


ThomasLB said...

I think the Republicans will have a hard time running against Obama in 2012, because he will have already done all the things they want to do.

The interesting thing will be to see how long progressives stick with him.

Anonymous said...

it's always been fascinating to watch liberals begin to prey on their own.

Sad, but compelling.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Obama will begin to understand the previous president's predicaments all too soon...

Lifehiker said...

Avoiding wars should be goal #1. On the other hand, if one needs to do a war, it short be short, brutal, and complete, leaving the survivors to sort out the aftermath under general supervision. If we can't forsee accomplishing the latter, then don't do the war.

Our liberal democracies seem to prefer half-wars, long and costly with uncertain aftermaths...you'd think we'd learn.

I sure hope we can sort out this mess with Iran, so we don't have to jump on them. It would be in everyone's best interests to make nice, but sometimes local politics don't allow for a logical solution.

I'm heartened that Obama is opening the Pandora's box of entitlements so early in his presidency. If we don't fix these soon, the U.S. is dead meat. But the squawks are going to be shrill! Some would still like to pretend we can do everything for everyone. It's not so.

Ron Davison said...

Clinton did this pretty effectively - do some of conservatives main tasks while leaving progressives with no other alternative.

I hope that whatever mistakes Obama makes they have little to do with Bush's.

entitlements are such a necessary and difficult conversation but you are right - if Obama doesn't address this now, it will likely be too late.