01 February 2009

Obama Threatens Blogosphere

I blame Obama.

I have, of late, dropped off from my normal rate of postings at R World. One reason is just work: it has been intense during the last two weeks. But I also blame Obama.

When you see a man driving blindfolded or riding a horse seated backwards, it doesn't take much analysis before you can holler out advice. Bush was this man.

My issues with Obama, by contrast, are more subtle. They are not going to be as obvious to me. And given that what Obama is doing is more thoughtful, it takes more thought on my part to both consider what he's doing and what might work better.

This is going to make it hard on all bloggers, I imagine. The rate of postings might plummet throughout the blogosphere.

First Bush screws up the real world. Now Obama screws up the virtual world. The next president will have nothing left to go after save our imaginations.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Beg to differ. I think Bush managed all three. I'd been wondering where you had disappeared to. And I see nothing wrong with blaming Obama for everything. In life, there must always be an umbrella blamer. As necessary as breathing that. ;-)

Big Al said...

Criticism will always be directed at those in high-ranking positions, be they political or business. The problem I saw w/GW is he simply didn't seem to care what anyone else thought. He had his agenda and wore blinders to any person or any data that disagreed in the slightest.

nunya said...

Obama is racing madly to see how many campaign promises he can fulfill. Progressives cannot rest on their laurels. Mmmm?

Pinky said...

Oh just wait, Ron. The media and many of his adoring followers will turn on him in due time. It's just the way things work.

Ron Davison said...

thanks for coming back to read. I will post more. I promise. And even at the old rate. It is just going to take a little while for me to find my voice for this new administration, I suspect.

by contrast, I care very much and am careful not to offend anyone. Well, except for maybe George's mother.

good point. There is still plenty to be advocated. I guess ... well, see my comment to Milena.

You are so right. The one thing is, of course, is that it is all speculation until the dominoes fall. And then it is news. By then, of course, it is too late. That is why democratic societies have put us bloggers here at the first line of defense, hollering when there is still time to turn the ship away from the ice burgs.

smarterworld said...

I couldn't disagree more Ron! Washington is ripe with hypocrisy right now. Don't tell me you haven't heard about Obama's breaking of his own new ethic's rules? Or his appointment of tax evaders?

Don't lose hope yet! It's only just begun! We're only a few weeks in...

Tim Coulter said...

Am I the only one that is bitter finding out that many of the politicians that have been telling us how beneficial higher taxes are, weren't paying theirs?

Laws and rules are always for us little people, and not for the royalty.

Hope and Change? We just got fooled again.