24 September 2009

Curious Fact About the Antichrist

Recent poll reported: 18 percent of self described conservatives believe Obama is the Antichrist.

It is hard to imagine this sort of opinion popping up in other realms, like music or the office. Imagine Simon of American Idol being able to tell 18% of the contestants, "Your singing is positively awful. I think that you are the Antichrist."

Or worse, this actually showing up as a box on your annual performance review. Your boss would not even have to check the box - just its mere inclusion would be enough to intimidate a person. Can you imagine the lunch room conversations as employees speculated madly about which employee prompted management to add this? Or even worse, being that employee. "We're going to have to let you go, Carl. We suspect that you're the Antichrist." How would you answer the next employer who asked, "Why did you leave your last job?"


Anonymous said...

At one place I worked I had a graphic of a Hindu tilak on my desktop, and somebody who didn't know what it was went around telling everyone it was a Satanic symbol.

That was fun.

PlugNPlay said...

To be fair, it was 18% of self-described conservatives /polled in New Jersey/ who believe that crap. Still, the point remains good.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, 32 percent of New Jersey Democrats say President Bush had advance knowledge of 9/1, another completely nutty position."

Looks like there are jackasses all around.