06 November 2009

My GRE Scores

At first blush, it would seem as though my daughter did considerably better than me in her GRE scores. But then I realized that, given about 20-some years have passed, my inflation-adjusted scores are much higher than hers. My verbal score alone would be worth about 1,700 by now. And that doesn't even take into account compound interest. I'm probably in the 144th percentile by now, and would probably be even higher if they had a special category for self delusion.


Lifehiker said...

Same with my SAT scores...way over 900, inflation adjusted!

But, I still wonder why I can't solve math problems that they give 11th graders in my school district. Education inflation has occurred as well, at least in the best schools.

Big Al said...

Last year I took the GMAT as a requirement for most MBA schools. No matter I studied the math, a subject I excelled in while attending high school and undergrad education in college: I still had a rough time. But I still scored well and, of course, the money the school will get from my attending their MBA program also helped that test score considerably I'm sure. :-)