07 September 2010

A Few Clowns

A few clowns short of a circus”

A "mistake" made repeatedly is probably better labeled a character flaw. One of my flaws? This notion, when I get to the hotel, that my interest in politics will translate into an interest in the political shows.

These shows (and to be fair, the candidates they are forced to cover) seem so inane. I think it's time they just give up the pretence of intelligent dialogue and go to death cage matches between candidates.

The root problem seems to be that no one can continue to stay in inquiry about what might work and openly experiment with policy. Instead, everyone has to declare what will work as if their theories were facts and then stay on the defensive. Pathetic. And so absolutely what we don't need in a time of great change.

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Anonymous said...

I remember back a few years when Rush Limbaugh was hired as a sports announcer and he made his comment that Donovan McNabb only had his job because of affirmative action. There was a huge uproar- but not until the next day.

None of his co-hosts said a word at the time, because none of them heard him. They were so focused on what they wanted to say that they weren't listening to what anyone else had to say.

And it's the same way on the political shows. Nobody is listening, everybody is waving their arms and shouting.