20 September 2010

Just Wondering

I wonder

if any clergy anywhere observed "talk like a pirate" day yesterday during services.

if tea party candidates given full power would suddenly require people wait until their 70s before they could collect social security payments (and of course make that retroactive so that retired people UNDER 70 would have to find jobs in this robust economy) and would cut defense spending by 50%. Or if they would suddenly become Republicans at the point of receiving power and simply cut taxes again but do little to actually cut budgets.

if a compromise on "don't ask / don't tell" would involve just telling or just asking.

what college football players would make if they got a share of the revenue generated by their games.

how much of what he says that Newt Gingrich actually believes.

how it is that this country could show such a poor exercise of patience, giving dubya 6 unobstructed years to wreck the country but Obama only 2 years to repair it. (Yes. I know that Bush was in office for 8 years. But it was only the first 6 years in which he had absolutely no opposition in congress and was able to effect exactly the policies that the Republicans wanted.)

when a president will actually be humble enough to say, "I don't know but the thing that seems most reasonable is ..." rather than talk like they can not just predict but even control the future.

Just wondering.

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