17 November 2010

Tweet October

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(And yes, some of these tweets were elaborated on beyond the 140 characters when I brought them over.)

Product idea. Pasta for special occasions. Small, colorful, and easier to eat than spaghetti: confetti & meatballs. If everyone wears plastic, it could even be served in a Times Square ticker tape parade kind of way.

Wonder when a football team will adopt a SuperHero costume - capes, painted on abs, etc. Maybe the previous yrs' national champions could wear one.

Proposed word: dyspunctual. Someone chronically late or ridiculously early.

Saw on t-shirt: "people who think they know everything annoy those of us who do."

Way cool - Thomas Kuhn sold me my sandwich. Nearly as cool: I got to tell this Thomas about that Thomas. Paradigm shift indeed

Ben Roethlisberger returns after suspension for sexual assault; Steelers' center confesses to feeling a little skittish.

Wonder how many BTUs the country would save each year if restaurants just served a reasonable amount of ice in drinks.

Christine O'Donnell would like to clarify that what she meant by "dabbling in witchcraft" is that she's read all the Harry Potter books.

"How'd your twitter account get shut down, dude?" "Total Rick Sanchez move: I said nerds are behind the internet. Next thing I knew ..."

"Did you know you can twitter more than 140 characters?" "Yeah. It's called blogging."

Product idea: self inflating tires. "Those wheels suck." "Yes they do." Be great for maintenance and car chases, depending on your lifestyle.

Ran-dam-plification: as the head cold gradually loosens its grip on the sinuses, volumes quickly and reversibly go from sedate to jarring.

People rarely hear what you're actually saying as clearly as they hear what they think you are saying.

Sad day for happy meals: the FDA now requires McDonald's to list actual emotional impact of their happy meals along with nutritional info.

As near as she could tell, his only real commitment to the environment was his habit of recycling jokes.

Odd: a plane can taxi but a taxi cannot.

Saw a dog in the audience of the Old Globe Playhouse this evening. He seemed really happy to be there.

I still have not figured out why base runners need helmets. And if they have to, why not something more lightweight, like bike helmets?

Recession forcing you to cut back? Student on tight budget? Try the new mobius strip bagels and donuts - the new, infinite food supply.

I am nearly certain I drove by Aryan Hair Salon this evening. I wonder if they make all their clients look like skinheads.

I love the idea of cutting NPR's funding because it stupidly fired Juan Williams. In a perfect world all the news would come from for-profits like Fox & MSNBC. Sigh.

This is news? Americans split on healthcare repeal? What would be news is if Americans were suddenly unanimous on the topic.

I wonder if you'd wake up twice as rested if you were dreaming that you were sleeping.

Alternate scoring: get points & runs for both plays AND replays. Spectacular, replay-worthy plays would then be worth more, counted as many times as they were replayed.

I think that women's gymnastics balance beam could be much more interesting with a three-drink minimum.

"Everything comes with fries," he tells me. "Even the fries?" He pauses. Stares at me. Finally, "Yeah. Even the fries."

Leadership is not just getting people to follow you. It's having somewhere new to take them. Nowhere new and you're just popular.

Does cheering work? Wouldn't the subconscious of visiting teams be likely to misconstrue the cheers as meant for them? Same w/ boos undermining the confidence of the home team?

The mis-application of patience? The country gave dubya 6 yrs to wreak havoc and obama only 2 to repair?

77. Sunny. Coronado looking like an opening scene in a fairy tale. Gorgeous day. I do love being home.

Perfect costume for tomorrow's Halloween party: ghost. Sadly, the costume is so realistic that everyone there will just think I didn't come.

CA is about to legalize pot but smoking has already been made illegal everywhere. Today's investment tip: buy brownies futures.

Must be Halloween weekend. I am sure at Balboa Park tonight I saw 2 ghosts texting on an Ouija Board.

Broadcast idea: alternatives to typical play by play for baseball games. Why not Abbott & Costello? Bert & Ernie? Bogart & Bacall?

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