26 November 2010

The High Cost of Being Glen Beck

Glen Beck is LDS. As a Mormon, he's expected to tithe 10% to his church. As tea party enthusiast, he believes that federal taxes equal to 14% of GDP is too high.

The federal government funds
- retirement
- health care
- war & occupation
- defense of borders
- unemployment
- interstate highways
- housing
- environmental protection
- science research
- arts
- etc.
- etc.
- etc.

What does the church fund?
- potlucks
- a church building
- some missions (although from what little I know about it, much of this is actually funded by the family of the young (or old) person going on a mission, not the church).

Now I am sure that the list for what the church funds could be longer - but so could the list of what NASA funds. Seems to me that the federal government is doing much more with its 14% than Glen's church is doing with its 10%. Maybe, if Glen is really that sore about taxes, he should just join a cheaper church.

Just a thought.

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