18 March 2011

Heaven or Hell?

What if eternity is a place where you live among people who may be a different gender, of different skill sets and abilities, different races and styles, but who, in terms of how they fundamentally live their lives,
  • have no more (or less) compassion than you
  • are no more (or less) loving than you
  • are no more (or less) mean or thoughtless than you
  • do no more (or less) than you to realize their own potential
  • put no more (or less) effort into life than you
  • are no more (or less) brave than you
  • are no more (or less) selfish than you
  • do no more (or less) to make themselves or the world better than you
What if, in short, you lived for eternity in a world where no one was any different than you in terms of the emotions they evoked or nurtured? What if you were the only one who had the power to define whether it was heaven or hell and you only had that power now? 

The really important question is whether that possibility comforts or frightens you. What you might wish were different in that life could be something you ought to think about changing in this one.


Al Vandermyden said...

Is this eternity perhaps the world we are living in right now?

das said...

Powerful thinking !

Have you ever read the vedas? or the Bhagavad Gita ?