11 March 2011

Not To Brag But I Just Solved the High Cost of Education & Health Care

Teachers make so much more than average workers, the talking heads shout. This isn't fair.

Fox recently reported that teachers make an average of $51k while the average American worker makes only $38k. There is an easy cure for this disparity: just stop requiring college degrees for teachers.

Men with university degrees make $55k; those without make only $32k. Women with degrees make $45k; women without make only $25k. People with university degrees cost employers about $20k more.

Given that teachers are required to have college degrees, no one should be surprised that teachers make more than the average worker. (No one, that is, but Scott Walker or Fox news analysts.)

But if the Republicans are serious about lowering teacher wages, there is an easy way to do that: stop requiring that teachers complete college or even high school. The savings potential is enormous.

Next up? Massive savings in health care costs by no longer requiring medical school for doctors.

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das said...

ahah ! pragmatic thinking ?
awesome !

Do you think an education system based on promoting kid's inner potential (as opposed to formatting them for use) is viable in society ?