01 November 2011

Tweeting Through Oct 2011

How Greece could pay down their debt: sue all modern countries for patent infringement on ideas of democracy, science, philosophy ..

Offering simple and natural for Halloween this year - just dropping a tablespoon of unrefined sugar into each kid's bag.

Now those are some last words. Even if you don't read the whole of Steve Jobs' sister's eulogy, scroll to the botttom.http://nyti.ms/vBfEx9

This year I'm going as Herman Cain so I can tell trick and treaters, "If you don't have candy it's your own fault. Go get your own candy."

A relief pitcher was brought in just to intentionally walk a batter. So happy to know there's a pro athlete job for which I'm qualified.

Either my day was far too long yesterday or I'm suffering from an acute bout of lackadaisical tolerance.

Why name a section of a modern jet "coach?" That suggests they modeled it after primitive, 19th century transportation. Oh wait.

Now I know why in science fiction those identical coveralls are popular. No need to pack luggage that might delay you.

Idea 4 website named gargle to offer cognitive cleanse (think brainwash not mouthwash) AND pick up poor typists trying for google.

If it was up to us Americans, the one change we'd make to Canada would be to warm it up some. Oh wait. We are.

“The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it’s difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine.” - Abraham Lincoln

His personal goal was to hit the 101st percentile. RT @tnr Where do you fall on the @WSJ #income calculator? http://ow.ly/77N3P #OWS

Forget it and lose a century: markets untamed by democracies or democracies untamed by markets are just different forms of tyranny.

I wonder if in some parallel universe gravity on planets varies like climate here. "Nobody lives there. It's too heavy."

Scare people? Occupy Halloween: announce at door that you're not there for a handout but will camp out in their living room indefinitely.

Angry at the bankers? You would be too. Somehow they claim they know NOTHING about my share of the $21 million from Nigeria.

At work designing my new fashion line. I'm calling it Arab Spring and will base it on Gaddafi's wardrobe. http://bit.ly/o791HM

Wonder if Jobs would have received so much praise if someone had invented a device making iPods as easy to pirate as, say, music.

Planning a novel in which characters debate whether life's defined by free will or a novelist. If it writes itself, we'll know who is right.

RT @ebertchicago: Handy WashPost chart showing how Cain's 9-9-9 plan would affect the rich,poor and in between.http://wapo.st/ozSdps

File under, more downsizing. Due to budget cutbacks, the GOP's frontrunner has changed from McCain to Cain.

RT @drgrist: Word of the day: ignostic. An ignostic is someone who purposefully remains too ignorant of a problem to have a position on it.

Actually just got a phone call that caller ID labeled, "phone scam."

#CNNDebate Favorite line of the night: Romney: "Instead of blaming like this president does ..."

#CNNDebate Once 14th amend is mentioned, GOP candidates oppose constitution? So judgment does matter as much as constitution? So confused.

#CNNDebate Also love that Perry is so hip to the jive that he twice addressed Herman Cain as "brother."

#CNNDebate One reason to admire Rick Perry - he actually just tried to deregulate the debate, trying to confiscate Romney's time.

#CNNDebate Question for candidates: Boxers or .... professional wrestlers?

Another GOP debate tonight. I wonder if they have secret backroom poker games to determine who will emerge as front runner each week.

Idea for Classical Idol reality show with historical composers judged by modern pop stars. "Mozart, you need a melodic hook."

Fascinating RT @tnr: 2. Excellent animation of the 2012 Republican campaign as a (literal) horse race, by @Slate http://ow.ly/6YKXE

Baffled his "w/ Jesus in my heart & Buddha in my belly, all I do is sing Allah-la-la-la" t-shirt offended rather than united all religions.

I Ching. You, however, Clang.

Spreading like online trading, occupy wall st. is now in 207 locations.http://bit.ly/pQfh3o

The avant garde composer John Cage wrote a song 4' 33 - 4 mins and 33 seconds of silence. A guy just told me, "I have that." Don't we all?

I'm rebranding The 4th Economy. I'm going to call it Economy 4S.

As an apparent concession to critics who've called him clumsy, Rick Perry is now wearing a hard hat during speeches.http://read.bi/mQKvYj

Post-game analysis presumes to tell you why someone won whereas post-debate analysis presumes to tell you who won.

If only he'd used his super powers for good and not evil. Apparently, even before he was president, Obama started a global recession.

How long before we have a fact check app for text we read online? To this decade what spell check was to 80s.

RT @TIME: "Employers aren't looking for is someone who can do the job but someone who can reinvent the job." - Thomas Friedman at #CIW11

From someecards - Let's celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone's house and telling them we live there now.

Bankers were going to occupy the inner city this weekend to protest poverty but couldn't find any good hotels.

The Fourth Economy is now available in France athttp://amzn.to/mYqD66 The words entrepreneur and millionaire are already translated.

Nobel Prize winning poet Transtromer is already featured in a video starring Shia LaBeouf. Nice. Hollywood is not all senseless violence.

Curiously, capitalist models explain the recent surge in demand for socialist models.

Whoa. Just had a little carrot wine. Really should pay closer attention to those expiration dates.

10th anniversary of invasion of Afghanistan and still we confuse war and occupation, nation-building and setting up a government.

Just because your mind is simple doesn't mean the world is.

GUI before they were born, Pixar in childhood, iPod in adolescence. No 1 structured consciousness of 20-somethings more than Jobs.

Jobs obsoleted the notion that good design and good engineering were somehow different.

RT @DanielPink: RT @WareMalcombCMO: "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs

We have lower class, middle class, upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class. Is there a lower upper class or upper lower class?

RT @fivethirtyeight: Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Trump, Giuliani, Romney, Palin, Gingrich, Huckabee, Christie all led 1 or more polls this year.

This coffee shop advertises an "Extreme Happy Hour." Not sure how that would, in practice, differ from "Hysterical Hour."

#OccupyWallStreet is everywhere. Protestors popped up when I checked my portfolio. Now marching across monitor with itty bitty signs.

"Defy aging" the ad says. Apparently it doesn't actually halt aging but does give it the finger.

Caller ID has really taken the fun out of making crank phone calls.

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