20 February 2012

George Jones Meta-Fiction

This is my admittedly whimsical attempt to pioneer what I'll call meta-fiction: reviews of books and CDs that don't actually exist.

County music genius George Jones' new album, "Haikus in High Places" is subtitled "because Japan is a country too and it’s so far to the west that they call it east."

He quickly dissuades the listener from expectations of anything fancy in the opening lines of the album.
“Ain’t no cowboy knows the rules of a Haiku,
but now that I got your attention shifted to me from you”

The second song is about a man struggling to understand love, opens with these poignant lines of hope,
"She’ll only says she loves me when she's drunk.
 But I'd like to think that's what she's always thunk."

The song, “Tammy Why Not?” shares his marriage proposal to Tammy Wynette, which convinced her to become his third wife,and includes tips any hopeless romantic would do well to learn. In classic George Jones fashion, he doesn’t make any unrealistic promises about love but simply points out that the only thing more foolish than love is living without it. 

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