02 February 2012

Tweeting into a New Year - Jan 2012

I think that I may use a pen name for my next book. I'll call it, Dale Carnivore's Who Needs Friends: Self Help for Hard Times.

When I'm king, rather than have a leap day, we'll just have a floating "Mulligan Monday" that folks can use for do overs after bad days

"Sainthood expected for 2 Americans" http://yhoo.it/upZQo3 Those just seem like such terrible odds.

Notice that it's only the guys with really catchy and unique names who are serious contenders in GOP primaries? Mitt. Newt. Ron.

Wonder how long Santorum's lead will last once Republicans realize that he is a good Catholic who thinks it’s ok to ban contraceptives.

@codymckibb, a pioneer in redefining work and lifestyle, wrote a delightful review of my book, The Fourth Economy. ht.ly/1gwYyZ

1,000 tweets. 1,500 blog posts. The idearrhea continues unabated. I probably owe an apology to someone for this.

1st biz idea for 2012: launch a website named huffandpuffingtonpost. We'll blow hot air about the issues of the day.

@trammel :) almost said we would do our bit to raise levels of fear and paranoia but given it is a media outlet, that seemed redundant.

Just got a call to lower my interest rate. As if the rate of interest in a recorded telemarketing pitch could get any lower.

Biz idea: line of toys with hidden magnets that you couple with strip around room. Flip switch and Pooft! Toys instantly "picked up."

Those lunatics on so Cal freeways who drive the speed limit. It's like they WANT to be rear ended.

Perry says Iranians will "literally move at the speed of light into Iraq." Why did Obama let them develop speed of light mobiles?

The new rule of social media is that if it takes you longer than a single tweet to explain yourself, then you probably won't hold people's

One of the harder things to know in life: when to persist, when to adapt, and when to abandon.

Alabama leads in points, but LSU is still ahead in arrests. [reference to national college football bowl]

Pretty excited. If Santorum wins, I'll no longer be middle class! - The Atlantic http://bit.ly/Ao3n4C via @AddThis

Huntsman's share of vote rose from 1% in Iowa to 17% in NH, which projects to 289% in SC. Finally, a candidate who can intimidate Putin.

T-shirt idea: Sorry. My funny t-shirt is at the cleaner's.

The GOP contest is getting ugly. Newt just threatened to quit the race to spend more time with Mitt's wife and family.

Sold out crowd at USD to hear @alfiekohn. Great anticipatory buzz. Refreshments before his speech and then we change the world after.

RT #1: Some chick asked me what I would do with 10 million bucks. I told her I'd wonder where the rest of my money went.

Product idea: low-rider pants. Blu light emanating from below the cuff. Hydraulics that lift the hem up and down.

Among Eli Manning's many annoying traits is his disregard for inevitability. Spoils Patriots perfect season in '08 and Packers near-perfect season this year?

Huntsman, liberals' favorite candidate they'd never vote for, and candidate who tested best in simulations against Obama, is dropping out.

Play calls I'd like to see: "Jones and Bigowski, you drop 10 yards then dance the Finale from Chorus Line."

@dmorey the original sports simulation must have been that electronic football game that vibrated the players to move them.

Tomorrow, Wikipedia protests #SOPA by going dark. Or, as legislators call it, "fact-free" Wednesday.

Just say "Arrr!" to the Stop Online Piracy Act #SOPA.

He'd met reality once. Didn't much care for it.

Wonderfully accessible and insightful conversation about finance :http://bit.ly/waUeLN (It's difficult to kill the gods)

Rick Perry dropped out without challenging anyone to a duel to avenge his loss? I thought he was most likely to Aaron Burr the primaries.

Best Twitter profile picture goes to @Austan_Goolsbee

@PeteDominick Newt's Health Care Plan: full coverage until expensive diagnosis, when your coverage goes to a younger, prettier patient.

Investors sell off GOOG upon realization that Google's earnings potential is finite.

The only reason there is a Republican front-runner is because there has to be.

Who knew that coming out in favor of open marriage was all it took to win in South Carolina?

http://bit.ly/yBIXWE 2011 - most jobs created in San Diego in a decade. Seems recessions and recoveries are initially ignored as anomalies.

Good news in San Francisco: the Giants will play in the Super Bowl! Bad news: Oh. Right. The Giants is the name of our baseball team.

RT @hotdogladies Actually, elitism is beneath me.

Theory about why GOP lead keeps changing: primary voters hate experts and will vote out of their way to confound pundit predictions.

So one billion+ people suddenly convinced it is the start of a lucky year. What a fascinating experiment in risk taking.

First Crofts now Klum. Poor Seal - yet another traumatic breakup. [Warning - this tweet contains decades old reference.]

Biz idea: apply clown car technology to mass transit and moving companies.

Kind of hope Obama's #SOTU is just blooper reel from GOP debates.

It's always darkest before the yawn.

Seeing congress (median age of 85?) at #SOTU perhaps the reason there's no cooperation is because they (literally) cannot hear each other.

Wonder how many times president,when exiting #SOTU has accidentally co-signed someone's mortgage.

"My pleasures are the most intense known to man: writing and butterfly hunting." - Nabokov (quote courtesy of @brainpicker

Absolutely gorgeous drive up the coast to Irvine today. Now sunny and 76.

"Orgasmic salad? That's disgusting." 
"Um, that's organic." 
"Oh. In that case I'll just have the soup."

Facebook going public raises privacy concerns .... (among headlines we'd like to see)

Laugh at Newt for his moon colony idea, but at least he's got a backup plan: if he doesn't win the presidency, he'll be space emperor.

Here's a project I helped a client to plan: treatment reduces patient injections by 330 per yr. http://bit.ly/y1tA0Y

Newt Gingrich: "Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?" Bob Dole: "Because it saves them time.

He was like a dogma with a bone.

Iran has the capability to maybe develop a bomb eventually? So this is now sufficient justification for attack?

Rejected GOP campaign slogans: "You have to admit ... it's gonna be Mitt."

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