01 December 2012

Did All the Fuss About Xmas Start with a Pun?

Every year certain people are compelled to prove their religious righteousness by accusing pagans and secularists of taking Christ out of Christmas, turning Christian's most important holiday into Xmas.

It could be more innocent. Xmas might have begun as a romantic and goofy pun based on sound. X stands for Kiss in signatures and Kissmas does sound a little bit like some loopy romantic's intentional mis-pronunciation of Christmas.

Or it could be Satanic.


texasholly said...

Totally Satanic.

Ron Davison said...

Holly - I was afraid of that.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I thought it was a chi rho reference?

Ron Davison said...

Gene - I did not even know about chi rho until your note. That seems more plausible than my whimsical version. Thanks for the new knowledge.