19 December 2012

Tim Minchin Rejects the Notion of Goals

“I personally believe in not setting goals. You don’t get opportunities if you think you know what you’re meant to be doing.”
“I’m incredibly squeamish about ‘I’ve always wanted this …’ ‘this is my dream!’ ‘I’ve always wanted X.’ and all that sort of stuff.  I hate that sort of non-specific language. It doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t get what you’re saying. You have a dream that doesn’t seem to be influenced by any other factors but your fantasy of it. Probably more of us have the sort of life where happily, lots of opportunities come your way and you need to be ready to receive them by having your eyes not on the prize but on everything around you. I guess if I had to impart wisdom to my children – something I hope I never have to do -  I would just say to work incredibly hard at whatever you’re doing and then people will respect you and they’ll ask you to do something else.”
-         -  Tim Minchin

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