06 March 2013

Problem? What Problem? Why New Technology is no Substitute for GOP's Denial

Conservative friends of mine love to roll their eyes at mention of Bush. It's a nice reaction. It suggests that one is stuck in the past and gives them permission to ignore whatever point you've made. But there is a really important point buried in their avoidance.

Conservatives voted against Clinton's re-election and for Bush's re-election. I've yet to hear one conservative - and I know lots - who has explained the huge difference between conditions in 2000 and 2008. Until they can, it is a powerful indictment of their professed understanding of policy. They certainly have strong opinions about how the world should work; it's not obvious they understand how it actually does.

Republicans are working hard to imitate Democrat's apparent mastery of social media and organizing. They think that this will matter, might reverse their big losses at the national level back in November. It might, but I don't think so. Getting policy wrong can't be fixed by better use of Twitter.

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