08 March 2013

The Secret to Keeping Teenagers Away from Marijuana

About a week and a half ago, I'm driving back to the Denver airport listening to public radio. In November, the folks in Colorado voted to make marijuana legal. Now they have to define just what that means the news was reporting on progress made by a panel authorized to define laws and regulations for this newly legalized product.

They've decided to make it legal for out-of-state folks to buy. This would make it a revenue source for the state. Colorado governor Hinkenlooper reports that at a recent governor's conference a lot of other governors were asking him about marijuana legalization, fully expecting that this will happen within their states soon. All that is interesting but my favorite bit had to do with their concerns about minors using marijuana.

The solution they're using to discourage teenagers from using marijuana is that they'll ban any candy flavoring, like chocolate. Their theory is that as long as they don't offer any chocolate flavored-marijuana, the kids will stay away from it.

I'm sure that will work.

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