17 May 2013

A Tempest in a Tea Party - the IRS Scandal

People have been fired. Mike Huckabee predicts that Obama won't complete his second term. At a minimum, Bloomberg Businessweek predicts, Obama's hope for gun legilsation, immigration reform, and a health overall are to be jettisoned. This IRS scandal is a big deal.

So what, exactly, is the big deal? The IRS targeted tea party like groups but not progressive groups. They were searching for folks who had formed groups around the notion of patriotism, tax relief, and anti-government sentiments. This much seems true and for that people have been fired. 

So then, what nefarious things did they do once they'd targeted these groups? They requested information. Specifically, they asked the following questions:

These questions were deemed "unnecessary." 

That's right. These groups had to answer questions they didn't have to. They weren't shut down. They weren't fined. Their members weren't subject to wire-tapping. Their leaders weren't imprisoned or targeted by drones. Nobody was water boarded. They were asked to provide information.

That's the big scandal. 

We live in time when we're about to hit a big inflection point. Going one way, we could enter a time of prosperity that past generations could not even imagine. Going another way, we could enter a time of unfolding disasters. And in the face of that, the government with the most influence of any group in the world is focusing on an issue that is - depending on the angle from which you observe it - either inane or irrelevant. 

We don't really have to worry about what future generations will think of us, though. With judgment about real vs. trivial issues this faulty, we're likely to cause our own extinction before those future generations can show up to judge us. That will shut them up.

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David said...

Your guys are crooks, big time, but they're good. I'll admit that. Do you really buy the lie that O didn't know about Benghazi, the IRS, bugging reporters? He seems to be a proponent of the delegate and disappear management school.