03 May 2013

Have You Noticed What's Missing?

After the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, the lines to see the space where it had once hung were longer than the lines had previously been to actually see the painting.

Of course any reputable country music artist could tell you that absence is a great way to be noticed. Curiously, and rather fittingly, Kafka was among the folks who cut short a vacation to rush to the Louvre to see this blank piece of wall upon which the Mona Lisa had once rested.

Should ever happen again, I think that it would be all the more reason to have a museum of forgeries. (Such a museum would provide an identical art experience to the real art and yet acquisition costs would be much lower, no?) I'll have a blank wall in my museum of forgeries with a sign that says, "It's not here either."

So, I've discontinued my experiment to determine whether the lines to see - or rather, the hits on the blog - were greater with missing posts. 

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