17 August 2015

Donald and His (Surprisingly Large) Base

To the consternation of America's pundits, Trump still has a commanding lead in the Republican primary.

Someone interviewing Trump supporters at the Iowa state fair - where the pork chop on a stick is getting as much coverage as Mike Huckabee - asked them whether their support is for specific policies of his or more based on their gut. All of his supporters freely admitted that this was coming from their gut.

Before you glibly dismiss his chance to actually win this thing, just think about that. Because if there is anything you should be careful about underestimating, it's the American gut.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the old-school Republicans thought, "We'll let these tea-party freaks in, pick up a few seats from the disgruntled masses, and in a few years we'll just assimilate them under our Big Tent."

Instead the freaks took over the circus, and now it may be that it's the moderates that have to break off and form their own third-party.

Ron Davison said...

I'm sure there are some remnants of the Republican Party elders still trying to figure out what has happened. Oddly, though, the supply of clowns seems unending. If it weren't for Donald sucking all the air out of the room, people would be talking a lot about Huckabee clarifying that indeed he would force a 10 year rape victim to give birth, or Walker's disdain for education ... even for educators.