04 August 2015

Ted Cruz Knows Precisely When Life Begins (And You're Either a Religious Zealot or Murderer if You Disagree)

The problem with anti-abortion policies is simple. Folks like Ted Cruz believe that anyone who would outlaw contraceptives is a religious zealot and anyone who would opt to terminate a pregnancy the instant after conception is a murderer.

And for this insistence that the whole country embrace their precise definition of the start of life, we may well have a government shutdown this fall. Not because anyone is killing babies but instead because most Americans don't agree with their definition of when sperm and egg becomes a baby.

It's not unreasonable to think that "life" begins at conception. It's not unreasonable to think that it doesn't actually start until months later when a woman first realizes she is pregnant and long before the fetus has any self awareness or ability to survive outside the womb. It's not even unreasonable to think that life begins when a couple, well, couple and when all it takes to end a "life" is spermicide. You could reasonably disagree with all of those positions or hold any one of them. What current law says is that you cannot force your definition on anyone else until the second or third trimester. Ted Cruz and company would very much like to change that. Not because they are unique in having a conviction about when life starts but instead because they can't imagine that anyone else could possibly be right. This is not about defending their own view. It already is. This is about attacking everyone else's view.

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