09 October 2016

In Defense of Politics on Facebook

I'm that guy who is unafraid to post something political on Facebook. I know it upsets some of my friends, many of whom are conservative and wearies others who are moderate or liberal. But I don't apologize for this simple reason: politics is how we decide what we're doing as a group. Religion is a private decision but politics is a group decision.

If you decide to vote for a freeway expansion, I have to pay for that with additional taxes. If you decide to vote against a freeway expansion, I have to pay for that with additional commute time. If you decide to vote for an amateur who doesn't understand foreign policy or the market, I have to pay for that in terms of costly, disastrous wars and costly, disastrous recessions.

We're in this together. If you're about to vote for an outcome I see as dangerous, I want you to know why it's a bad idea. And I expect you to point out the same to me. It's called dialogue.

Social media gives a unique opportunity to democratize not just the vote but the discussion leading up to it.

Obviously people can make any discussion / argument a battle of wits or an accusation of stupidity but friendships should not be equivalent to a witless protection program. Our friends should be a resource for helping us to understand the world a little better, even if all we understand is how their perspective or situation is different from ours.


Anonymous said...

I had to get off of Facebook until after the election.

I just can't do it. I get drawn into the anger and vitriol, then end up sullen and depressed.

Allen said...

The good of Facebook is anyone being able to write whatever they want, which of course is also the bad of Facebook. And that's one of the reasons I put my account into hibernation beginning of this year. I enjoyed reading some of the posts from many of my friends. It just wasn't enjoyable as much anymore when I let myself get lured into reading political posts. Instead of unfriending everyone, I decide twas better to just stay away. It's been a good year since then, and I don't miss Facebook as much as I thought I would.